5 Mini Band Exercises to Add to Your Workouts


Mini bands are one of those undervalued pieces of workout equipment. They don’t look like much, just a 12-inch latex band, but they’ll help make your workouts more effective.

A versatile piece of exercise equipment, mini bands can be used during your warm-up or workout, during prehab or rehab exercises, and are great for athletes as well as your average gym-goer trying to stay fit.

Furthermore, they’re perfect for at-home workouts and you can easily toss them in your bag when you travel to get a great workout on the go.

In this article you’ll see 5 mini band exercises you can start using today, adding some variety and intensity to your workouts to help you get better results.

Star Jumps

Star jumps are a plyometric exercise best for developing lower body strength and power. They can also be used as a conditioning, with higher reps of 15-20 jumps, but this is for higher level athletes or those who have some training under their belts.

Squat Walks

Squat walks primarily work the quads and glutes, with mini bands adding another degree of difficulty. You can do walks forward and backward for added effect. 

 Lateral Shuffles

Training laterally (side-to-side), not just linearly, works muscles you do don't normally use which takes your workouts to another level. Whether you're an athlete or not, lateral training can be beneficial. Lateral shuffles are the perfect exercise to get you started.

Speed Skaters

Speed skaters, another plyometric exercise, allow you to work different muscles in the lateral plane. This is an intermediate to advanced exercise requiring a fair amount of balance and coordination, so start slow when incorporating them into your workouts.

Single Leg Bridge

Want to develop a better butt? Use single leg bridges in your workouts.

Want to take single leg bridges to another level? Use a mini band. Simple.

Closing Thoughts 

Mini bands are another cool tool to add to your workout repertoire and should be used as part of a complete program to get the results you're after. 

Start by incorporating 2-3 mini band exercises into your workouts and see how you progress. 

What are your favorite mini band exercises? Share it in the comments below!


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