Hips & Glutes: A Must for Your Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

Hip and glute strength drives power and speed in an athlete. It is extremely important for athletes to activate these muscle groupings during every dynamic warm-up and to continuously work to develop these muscles. Effectively building up these muscles enables speed, agility, and power while changing directions or jumping out of a running position. It is critical for athletes to weight train these muscles just as they would do for other key muscles used for peak athletic performance.

What most athletes and coaches are doing wrong…

Although many athletes incorporate hip mobility exercises into their warm-up, it's more effective when done with added resistance. Athletes looking to increase muscle development need to apply a significant and overloading stimulus to improve the motor potential of any muscle group. Doing body-weight exercises such as hip circuits and glute activation drills minimally impacts an athlete as these exercises do not overload these muscles. This is the same reason why athletes turn to weight lifting rather than just doing thousands of bodyweight squats and push-ups -- the benefit from a structured progressive lifting plan is far more evident than doing countless bodyweight exercises.

Like any other component of athletic training, it is essential to keep up with the latest research and techniques to gain that extra edge on competition. It is a necessity for athletes to train hips and glutes in the same progressive overloading manner that is achieved when training other muscles. This is made possible with the products available to athletes today that weren’t around years ago.

So I get it, but how can I incorporate this going forward?

Victorem has made products geared towards providing athletes with a solution to these training needs. The first product that is recommended for all athletes is Victorem’s Hip Bands, available in two different color schemes, a neutral (Black, Grey, White) and a more flashy (Aqua Blue, Calypso Coral, Mint Green) option. These sets come with three different sizes geared towards progression, as athletes should increase the resistance over time as they increase strength in these muscles. Apply Victorem's bands above the knees while performing a dynamic warm-up and feel the burn as your hips and glutes become overloaded in ways that can’t be achieved without resistance.

The following are some suggested warm-up exercises to start incorporating immediately with your bands:


After the warm-up is complete, it is critical for athletes to weight train these muscles in the same fashion that they would for other key muscles. While performing the following suggestion exercises, an athlete can connect Victorem’s bands above the knees to provide an added and more targeted approach to training these critical muscles.


The hips and glutes are a vital link at the core of an athlete’s body enabling speed, agility, and power. It is essential to give these muscles attention and to train them just as focused as other key muscles in the body by overloading stimulus to improve the motor potential. Start training smarter today and gain that edge on competition with Victorem’s Hip Bands!