Meet the people of Victorem #8

Interview with Kenneth

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, My name is Kenneth Rhine Sr, I am 38, and I am a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I usually train at my home gym, but they recently built a Crunch Fitness up the street, so I am training there about 3 to 4 times a week. I am married with 3 kids and we all competed at the National level of Inline Speed-skating.


When and why did you started working out?

I started working out at 16.  I was always the smallest kid growing up so I wanted to put on some size!


How did you first hear about Victorem?

I first heard about Victorem from 3-time World Champion Jorge Botero.  He coaches Speed Skating here in Orlando, Florida and all his skaters were wearing them.


Did you used resistance bands previously in your workouts? If yes, how was it? 

Yes.  I used the uncomfortable rubber ones that ride and bunch up on you and eventually snap like a rubber band.


What was your first workout with Victorem bands?

My first workout with the bands was speed skating followed by walking lunges.


What’s your favorite exercise using the bands?

My favorite exercise while using the bands is all of them but if I had to choose, it would be the barbell squat.


What changes did you noticed when you started using resistance bands 

Physically I noticed that my squat form and strength improved as well as my unilateral movements.  Using the bands allowed me to focus on the mind muscle connection while strengthening my stabilization muscles.


What motivates you?



What would you say for someone just starting out using resistance bands? 

To incorporate them in all of your training sessions.


What are you listening to while working out?

I usually listen to Self Development podcasts, but from time to time I will throw on some hip hop!


Fun facts about you that you haven’t told anyone

Fun fact, every night without fail before I fall asleep, I vision myself playing in the NBA.


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