Smart ways to exercise at work




Skip the elevator

If you don’t have boxes of paperwork to carry, what’s stopping you from taking the stairs? It may take you a little bit longer, but think about what you’re getting in return. People pay good sums of money on exercise machines that duplicate the workout that comes from climbing stairs, and the stairs at your office are free for you to use.


Do things face to face

Instead of sending an email to someone in the same office, why don’t you get up and personally make an inquiry, deliver papers, or spread the news? You may not have to walk very far, but at least you’ll get to walk. You’ll also experience the added benefit of a personal interaction, which can improve your relationships in the workplace.


Exercise under the desk 

While you’re sitting, what are you doing with your legs? They’re probably just dangling there. Leg raises are simple exercises. Raise your leg from the floor as high as you can get it, hold it for fifteen seconds, and switch. If you’re looking to step up your game, you can always strap on some ankle weights.


Stand instead of sitting

If you’re trapped in a meeting for a long time, try standing in the back. You’ll be able to use the wall to do muscle-strengthening lean exercises, and most of them are so subtle that they won’t distract your coworkers. On average, standing burns slightly more calories than sitting. Sacrificing your chair is a small price to pay for counteracting a few sugars in your coffee.



Unless your office has a gym facility, chances are slim that you’ll be able to get a full workout in while you’re at work. Make sure to stick to healthy choices outside of the office for maximum results. You’ll only benefit from putting your health first, and it all starts with small changes.


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