Sprint training for speed


Adjust your speed training according to your sport, making sure to replicate some of the moves you’ll be doing during competition.

Below, you’ll find some of the best sprinting exercises for developing acceleration and top-end speed.

Sprint Starts

Great for athletes of all ages, sprint starts are short sprints of 5-10 yards that help you develop your acceleration.

There are various kinds you can utilize in your speed training - Waterfall starts, staggered stance starts, block starts, and even resisted starts with a partner or band.

Sprint starts are often included early in a speed training workout, right after the dynamic warm up.

Hill Sprints

Great for your acceleration, top-end speed, and conditioning, hills have been used by athletes for years.

For speed training purposes keep your hill sprints short, picking a hill that takes 5-15 seconds to sprint up and taking a full recovery between each set.

Of course, if you’re a track and field athlete, you’ll want to include some longer sprints as well depending on the events you participate in.

Resisted Sprints

Resisted sprints with a partner or with bands help you develop power in your legs increasing acceleration and speed.

Bungee resistance bands work great for adding resistance to your sprinting, you just need a partner to jog behind you connected to the band as well to help provide the resistance needed.

Sled Pulls or Pushes

Sled pulls or sled pushes can also help you develop power and speed, however, you need to keep the load light for maximal sprinting benefits.

Overspeed Training

Primarily used to develop top-end speed, over-speed training can be done with a resistance bungee band or on a low incline hill.

The main idea with over-speed training is to run faster than you could on your own to get your body to adapt to higher speeds, eventually leading to you running faster. 

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