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Meet the people of Victorem #3

Interview with Marquone    Tell us a little bit about yourself (name, age, where do you workout, job, family, interests) My name is Marquone Edmonds, I go by coach Q. I'm 27 years young and work as a fitness specialist. I enjoy creating programs for clients that consist of creative exercises. When and why did you started working out? I've been training for as long as I can remember. As a collegiate athlete it's been a hobby of mine forever. How did you first hear about Victorem? I was looking for bands on Amazon and saw great reviews. Did you used resistance bands previously in your workouts? If yes, how was it? I did, but I didn't like how the...

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Hips & Glutes...A Must for your Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

Hip and glute strength drives power and speed in an athlete. It is extremely important for athletes to activate these muscle groupings during every dynamic warm-up and to continuously work to develop these muscles. Effectively building up these muscles enables speed, agility, and power while changing directions or jumping out of a running position. It is critical for athletes to weight train these muscles just as they would do for other key muscles used for peak athletic performance, as they are often ignored or not trained to get the maximum potential out of them. What Most Athletes and Coaches are Doing Wrong… Although many athletes incorporate hip mobility exercises into their warm-up, this is not as effective as doing so...

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