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The 15 Best Speed Training Exercises for Athletes

Speed is important in almost every sport and with the right speed training exercises as part of a complete speed training program athletes can make dramatic improvements. When I was in high school I worked with a speed training coach each summer and got down to the 4.5s range for a hand-timed 40-yard dash, something that helped me tremendously on the football field. During those summers we worked on acceleration as well as top-end speed with a variety of training methods - Band resisted sprints, various starts, overspeed training, and more. In this article you’re going to learn about the best speed training exercises and drills that you can include in your program to improve your top-end speed and acceleration, taking...

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How 10 Elite NBA Players Train in the Off-season

A basketball training program for professional basketball players isn’t too different from what the training should be for high school or college players - there’s just more of it. The athleticism of elite basketball players is far beyond simple natural ability. In order to stand out, they have to jump higher, move quicker, and run faster. They also need more strength to be able to finish strong at the rim. While the exact training program of each NBA player may differ, you’ll notice the similarities in their training - lifting weights, speed and agility work, as well as conditioning. Lots of conditioning.  In this article we’re going to focus on the training side of these athletes off the basketball court....

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How to Train for Basketball

With a combination of blazing speed, incredible quickness, and ridiculous jumping ability professional basketball players are some of the most athletic people on the planet. While they’re blessed with a tremendous amount of natural ability, they also train to elevate their game to the next level. How can you do the same? How can you train for basketball greatness? It all starts with strength training. Strength Training for Basketball Jumping ability is one of the most important physical attributes for any basketball player, so you’ll want to work on plyometric exercises to jump higher like I’ll mention later in this article. However, when you lift weights and get stronger, especially in your legs, you’ll improve your jumping ability as well....

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