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Victorem Fitness Brand Ambassador - Breeanna Verna

3 min read January 08, 2019

Interview with Breeanna

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Breeanna Verna; I am a 25-year-old dietitian, personal trainer, massage therapist and group fitness instructor. You can find me working out all over Manhattan and at Unique Fitness on Long Island. I have worked for several gyms, but have recently built up a training and nutrition business in New York so I am currently just being my own #girlboss. I spend my free time coffee shop hopping, experimenting in the kitchen, (force) feeding my family healthy meals, and hitting the ice rink.

When and why did you start working out?

My entrance to the fitness world is anything but ordinary. As a competitive figure skater, I viewed the ice time as my workout. The only time spent in the gym was for ice training requested (or forced upon) by my coach. Summer going into my freshman year of college came a pivotal point in my life where one bad jump led to a severe injury. I was rushed to the ER where an X-ray revealed a severely shattered tibia and fibula. The surgeon warned me that these bones may not be repairable. That day I went into surgery with a 50/50 chance of a below the knee amputation. I woke up hours later completely intact with both legs. The following six months were filled with intense physical therapy, learning how to walk, balance, etc. This is when I discovered my passion for fitness. I continued with PT on my own and to this day I continue to challenge my body with balance exercises, single leg jumps, and other exercises that help to rebalance my body despite having 3lbs of metal in my left leg. This experience gave me empathy and a fascination for learning how to coach clients with injuries whether it be ankle instability, hip tightness, knee knocking, etc.


How did you first hear about Victorem?

Amazon! I was looking for a resistance band set that was pink (of course) and the reviews for Victorem were great so I went for it!


Did you use resistance bands previously in your workouts? If yes, how was it?

Yes, I absolutely LOVE resistance bands. I use them for rehab exercises with myself and clients and intense home workouts when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

What was your first workout with Victorem bands?

My first Victorem workout is actually on my Instagram and is a HIIT/Lower body combination.


What’s your favorite exercise using the bands?

I love weighted rows and banded rows.


What changes did you notice when you started using resistance bands?

I always felt like I HAD to lift weights in order to get in a good workout, but when I started using bands I realized that I could still get an intense workout without dragging myself to the gym. Resistance bands really show you that you can work your muscles hard and be sore the next day without going to the gym and lifting 50lb weights. These bands give your muscles a deep toning burn that is much different than weightlifting.

What motivates you?

My future self motivates me. I want to live a long healthy life and be as mobile as possible in my old age just like my Abuela.

What would you say to someone just starting out using resistance bands?

Start off simple with total body workouts: 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises. Get comfortable with using the bands and then start trying new exercises.

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you haven’t told anyone?

I have an American chocolate lab named Brandy (AKA Brandylicious Definicious). She can hear me unzipping my headphone case from a mile away, and knows we are going for a walk!

I also love fashion. During high school, I would take the train into Manhattan to take fashion classes at FIT.

I try to be positive in every situation, my go-to motto is: everything happens for a reason. 

I really want to dye my hair lilac, but I’ve been blonde my whole life and my mom would probably go nuts.


Thanks, Breeanna for the talk! Follow her journey on Instagram @crunchandlunch

Victorem SBL
Victorem SBL

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