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Victorem Fitness Brand Ambassador - Jenna Lippi

4 min read November 06, 2018

Interview with Jenna 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jenna Lippi, 29 years old. I workout at LA Fitness in multiple locations in the Palm Beach County area; Delray Beach, Boca Raton, & Deerfield Beach locations depending on my day. I am a product Manager for Gemaire a Wholesale HVAC company; we have 90 locations throughout the US in which I get to travel to as well! I have a 6 ½ year old pup named Max, he is a Min-Pin, and I absolutely love him! In my spare time I love being active. I have played soccer since I was 4 and still am playing competitively today! I love working out, running, going to the beach & playing volleyball, and of course shopping and researching for new gear!

When and why did you started working out?

I started working out right around when I ended college about 22 years old. I grew up with three siblings - two brothers and one sister - and my parents. My dad did karate his whole life and my mom played basketball and softball. My dad and brothers were always into lifting. As a little girl I used to watch my dad ALWAYS stretch before and after his workouts and promote NATURAL lifting. No supplements! Which is my method today. After college I knew I had to do something to stay in shape, so I started going to the gym and quickly began to love the energy I would feel after my workout. For years I have helped train friends and motivated them to want to work out. Anyone who knows me today sees the passion I have for fitness. I am always told how much they see me crushing it in the gym with my no break workouts. I am big into little to no rest in my 50 minute workouts. Keeping the heart-rate up is key to burning the calories and carbs.

How did you first hear about Victorem?

I heard of Victorem through a friend who watched me posting videos with my normal bands from Amazon. Said you need to try these you will never go back to regular bands.

Did you use resistance bands previously in your workouts? If yes, how was it?

I always used resistance bands in my workouts previously. What I couldn’t stand about them is how much they would loosen during the work out. For example, when you are sweating they would get super slippery and roll up and come right off the spot you tried keeping them in.

What was your first workout with Victorem bands?

My first workout with Victorem was very recent. I was doing leg day with some free weights and then I did Weight Air Squats with the bands.

What’s your favorite exercise using the bands?

My favorite exercise with the bands is free bar squats & this unique workout I created to do in between my squats. Split Squats on the squat rack. The bands do not move!

What changes did you notice when you started using resistance bands (physically or mentally).

What I noticed quickly when using the bands is how much more my workout intensified. It challenges you more when squatting without the hassle of moving around. You must focus mentally on keeping your form correct while squatting because the bands try to push your legs back together. It forces you to focus on squat form and on keeping your legs pushed out. 

What motivates you?

I am what motivates myself! I love feeling healthy and fit and having people come to me for advice. It is a great feeling and reward to have peers and friends look up to me for workout advice.

What would you say to someone just starting out using resistance bands?

I would tell someone who is just starting with resistance bands to try Victorem. I recently had a few guy friends ask me why I was using them when squatting. I told them it was a must to try on leg day because of how much more it takes your squats to the next level. It keeps your knees from caving and challenges your proper squat form. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or squat pro, adding the bands truly increases and helps sculpt your leg muscles.

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you haven’t told anyone?

  1. I competed competitively for a year doing Hip Hop Dancing. That was priceless.
  2. I am the biggest goofball around. I love making people laugh and being silly and telling jokes! My dad & grandpas would tell us jokes as a kid and make us laugh all the time.
  3. I can talk to a wall and make friends with it. This is what I am told by all of my friends and family.

Thanks Jenna for sharing your story! Go and show her some love on Instagram @jlippi10_fit 


Victorem SBL
Victorem SBL

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