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Victorem Fitness Brand Ambassador - Michele Williams

2 min read November 20, 2018


Interview with Michele

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Michele Williams and I am 37 years old. I have a home gym and I work out using Beachbody’s online programs (it's like the Netflix of fitness). I am a 4th grade teacher who also loves to run, watch college football, and enjoy time with friends out on the boat. I find working out from home is easiest for me because I can get it in when I can, and there's no excuse for "I don’t have the time."

When and why did you start working out?

I started working out when I turned 30. I had decided that enough was enough when I came close to weighing 200lbs, and was just headed in a downward spiral. I thought I was healthy, but in all reality I was far from it. I started with running, but it wasn't until I started P90X3 and changed my eating habits that it all really started to come into place. Now it is a lifestyle, a never-ending healthy journey.


How did you first hear about Victorem?

I first heard about Victorem in a Beachbody challenge group I was in on Facebook for 80 Day Obsession.

Did you use resistance bands previously in your workouts? If yes, how was it?

Yes, I had used the bands that I ordered through Beachbody. They were good, but they rolled a lot because they were stretchy bands.


What was your first workout with Victorem bands? 

My first workout with Victorem bands was one of the workouts from the program called "A Little Obsessed." I believe it was either booty day or triple aaa.

What’s your favorite exercise using the bands?

I love using them for squats, lunges, and a variety of different exercises. The best part is that they don’t roll, and they are challenging.

What changes did you notice when you started using resistance bands (physically or mentally).

I noticed that they challenge me physically because they are tighter than the rubber band type loops. They also don’t roll so I can focus more on the actual moves I am doing instead of constantly fixing the bands.


What motivates you?

Feeling energized, strong, and healthy. I look back at photos of who I used to be, and I am proud of where I have come. I don’t want to go back because I feel confident in who I am now and want to continue to feel that way.

What would you say to someone just starting out using resistance bands?

Don’t get frustrated. Find which band works for you and move up as needed or modify to start with. You will build up strength, but it will take time.


Are there any fun facts about yourself that you haven’t told anyone?

In high school, I took karate and I am a blackbelt. At the time however, I was still very out of shape so seeing where I am now compared to then reminds me how far I have really come.


Thanks Michele for sharing your story! Go and show her some love @turtlechele4

Victorem SBL
Victorem SBL

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