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Pull Up Assist Band Set

  • Description
    • Made out of Innovative Fabric and Latex Blend Material - They’re durable and soft for your skin - but tough on your muscles.
    • Steady, Dependable Resistance - Victorem Pull Up Assist bands keep up the same resistance at all stages of your workout.
    • Equal Length and Equal Width - Measuring at exactly 41 inches in length, all Victorem Pull Up Assist bands are the same length and width.
    • Mix & Match to Get Exact Resistance - Create your perfect workout routine by mixing and matching various bands to get harder resistance.
    • Don’t Let The Weather Limit You - Unlike the latex options, Victorem Pull Up Assist Bands are completely weather-resistant and won’t dry out in direct sunlight. Do your workouts however you want - not how your bands allow you to.
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  • FAQ

    How do pull up assist bands work?
    Pull up assist bands, such as the Victorem one, are pretty simple to use. Here’s how they work: Fasten the band (or a few together!) to a bar, pulling one side through the other - making a very simple knot. Securely place your foot or knee in the pullup band. Time for your reps! Keep a steady form and use the advantage of the assistance bands. When you’re done, step out. Make sure to have one foot on solid ground and release the band slowly to avoid snapbacks.

    Can you use resistance bands for pull ups?
    Resistance bands are actually perfect for pull ups. They help you get just the right level of resistance, so you can do more pullups and have a good form when doing them. And you can use Victorem pull up assist bands to create a perfect pull up workout. This can be done by mixing & matching several of them together, changing the resistance as you progress.

Soft on your skin

Stronger and more durable

No unpleasant latex smell

Will not slip when wet or sweaty

Will not roll up

Will not dry out in direct sunlight

High-Tech Solution For The Best Training

When you push yourself to the limit, use the tools that can handle it. Be the best with Victorem Pull Up Assist Bands! They are made to last and guarantee you smooth workouts - from the beginning to the very end.

Amazing Materials for Amazing Training Experience

Victorem Pull Up Assist Bands are made out of innovative fabric and latex blend. That makes them tougher, stronger, and more reliable than most bands you’ve ever used.

Pull away from latex bands - they’re harsh for your skin, are quick to wear out, or break completely. Victorem pull up assist bands are made with you and your workout experience in mind - so nothing can stop you.

Create your perfect workout routine

All of the Victorem Pull Up Assist Bands are exactly the same length - 41 inches. This means that you can easily combine them together to create a personalized, killer workout routine.

Teal Band (3 lbs - 22 lbs resistance)

This pull up assist band is perfect for joint movements, warm-ups, and pumping up for your training session.

Blue Band (5 lbs - 28 lbs resistance)

With a bit extra resistance, this band is suited for warming up larger muscle groups and giving you an extra push on the first pull-ups.

Acid-lime Band (7 lbs - 38 lbs resistance)

Need a bit more? Acid-lime pullup band is there for all of your pull-up training needs, as well as large muscle group workouts.

Black Band (10 lbs - 51 lbs resistance)

Toughest of them all, the black pull up assist band is there for mobility exercises and serious compound movements, such as deadlifts.


Your resistance bands should be resistant. Weather-resistant, too. Victorem Pull Up Assist Bands are made to be perfect in any weather. They won’t dry out in direct sunlight, making them your perfect workout buddy - everywhere.

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