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Smash Speed Premium Running Resistance Bands & Training Bungee Set

  • Take your training to new heights by combining resistance bands with bungee bands. The possibilities are endless when you train with the Smash Speed Premium Running Resistance Bands & Training Bungee Set by Victorem Gear!

    The Smash Speed Resistance Bands and Bungee Set offers 10 speed and agility bands between 5 pounds and 40 pounds. But that's not all! This set also includes two, sheathed bungee bands of differing lengths with a weight resistance up to 80 pounds. Training with a bungee band can increase your vertical jumping strength, quick-twitch agility, and overall bursts of speed. Whether you play football or you CrossFit train, these bands add vital resistance and also challenge your movement. Offering 360 degree rotation, these particular bungees push you harder and further no matter your workout.

    Maximize your workouts with the Victorem Smash Speed Running Resistance Bands & Training Bungee Set. All you need is an open room or field, and your Victorem bag of gear to smash any workout!

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  • What's in the Package:

    • (2) Sheathed Bungee Bands: 4ft & 8ft
    • (10) Speed and Agility Bands ranging from 5-40 lbs of resistance
    • Connecting Straps for Bungee Bands and Speed & Agility Bands
    • (1) Harness Belt
    • (1) Safety Hand Strap
    • (2) Velcro Connecting Straps
    • (2) Drawstring Carrying Bags
    • Downloadable Training Workout Guide

    Download Your Training Guide