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Low resistance, Turquoise
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  • Description
    • Cotton and Latex Blend Material - The cotton and latex blend material gives these workout bands a lot of added benefits such as strength and comfort.
    • Non-roll Gripping SurfaceThe non-roll gripping surface ensures that they won’t slip up, fall and potentially ruin your workout session.
    • High Durability Design - With its high-end physical quality, it is designed to last and withstand as much force as you can throw at them, they are resistant in every sense of the word.
    • Fits a Variety of Exercises and Workout Styles - Have specific training sessions through the use of these workout bands and train multiple muscle groups, such as glutes, squats, and abs!
    • Take Them Anywhere - Due to their unique shape that’s bendable and flexible, you can put them anywhere and take them with you efficiently.
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  • FAQ

    What are workout bands called?

    Workout bands are also known as resistance bands or even exercise bands in some cases and are stretchable bands used for fitness and even physical therapy.

    Are exercise bands effective?

    There are a few differences between free weight and resistance band workouts, however, both of them are effective. You move your body and muscles through resistance, and that, in turn, gives your muscles quite the workout.

Soft on your skin

Compact carrying case

Elastic and cotton blend

High durability design

Fits variety of exercises

Non-roll gripping surface

The world is your playing field!

If you're strapped for time and don't belong to a gym, the Victorem Gear Cotton & Latex Non-Slip Premium Workout Band is a must-have prop in your fitness routine. These workout hip circle bands can be used for a range of workouts, from glute and hip activation and strength techniques to warm up your entire body before performing a dynamic exercise.

Resistant and consistent

Through the use of premium elastic materials, you can be assured that these workout bands can deliver the level of toughness you expect.

Coming it at low, medium and high resistance levels, it is suitable for most workout routines.

What you can gain

With these Victorem workout bands, you can build healthy joints and increase overall flexibility while toning your abs through a variety of different workouts.

What you can train

These bands can be used anywhere, at home, at the gym and so on.

You can use them to train different workouts such as hip raises, straight leg raises, squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

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