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Victorem 80 lbs. Resistance Training Bungee Band

  • Maximize your training potential with a bungee band that helps you build strength, speed, power and agility. Get it done with the Victorem 80 lbs. Resistance Training Bungee Band!

    A multi-directional training band that improves your overall core strength and flexibility while also optimizing your training potential, now that's a resistance band! Training with the Resistance Training Bungee Band can also increase your vertical jumping strength, quick-twitch agility, and overall bursts of speed. Whether you play football or you CrossFit train, this band helps add vital resistance and challenges your movement. Offering 360 degree rotation with a weight resistance up to 80 pounds, this particular bungee pushes you harder and further no matter your workout.

    Looking to take your training to the next level? Then look no further then the 80 lbs. Resistance Training Bungee Band by Victorem Gear. It doesn't disappoint!

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  • What's in the Package:

    • (1) Sheathed Bungee Band: 8'-22'
    • (1) Harness Belt
    • (1) Safety Hand Strap
    • (1) Drawstring Carrying Bag
    • Downloadable Training Workout Guide

    Download Your Training Guide

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