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Victorem Cotton & Elastic Hip Booty Glute Printed Workout Bands

  • Maximize your workouts and increase muscle mobility and strength, thanks to Victorem’s Cotton & Elastic Hip Booty Glute Printed Workout Bands. Get ready to feel the burn!

    In search of workout bands that don't slip and roll? The Cotton and Elastic Printed Workout Bands are neither too tight or too loose. With three new lengths (80, 90 or 100cm) comes three new resistance levels (low, medium and high). These bands can be used to target the hips, glutes, thighs, legs and ankles of athletes at any stage. Fitness enthusiasts love alternating between the different resistance levels of the cotton and latex bands. From dynamic warm-ups to hardcore glute workouts, hip activation and leg strengthening, you can easily tailor your workouts to your fitness abilities and needs.

    When it comes to functional and conditional training, as well as injury prevention and rehab, there's no denying the undeniable effects of training with Cotton & Elastic Hip Booty Glute Printed Workout Bands by Victorem Gear.

    Download Your Training Guide

  • What's in the Package:

    • (3) High-Durability Design Bands: 80, 90, & 100cm Long
    • (1) Mesh Drawstring Carrying Case
    • Downloadable Training Workout Guide

    Download Your Training Guide

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