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Printed Hip Booty Bands

  • Description
    • New Adjusted Lengths and Sizes - These new bands feature low, medium and high levels of resistance with adjusted lengths at13.6, 14.9, 16.2 x 3.15 in.
    • New Modern Design - Trendy and fashionable! These Victorem Bands aren’t just effective in giving you a great workout but don’t compromise on comfort either.
    • Improved Stitching Line on The Band - The improved stitching line makes for comfortable and durable exercising sessions.
    • Suitable for Many Exercises - Train everything you need from warm-ups to butt and glute workouts, hip activation and leg strengthening.
    • Take Them Anywhere - With the included mesh bag, it’s easier than ever to take your booty bands wherever you go, and with the added ventilation, they’ll be sure to remain fresh.
  • FAQ
    • Do resistance bands grow glutes?
    • Through the use of resistance bands, you can effectively activate your muscles. The best way to use them is before or during a squat, as this can really warm up your glutes and prepare you for a solid workout.
    • What is a booty resistance band?
    • The booty resistance band is a convenient and inexpensive workout band that can be used anywhere, at the gym, outside and at home due to their small footprint.
    • Do resistance bands help with squats?
    • Resistance bands can help with building strength and increasing squat intensity. The tension they produce increases body awareness and overall flexibility.
    • Do resistance bands build muscle?
    • They can initially help with the process of building muscle, especially if you are a beginner, however, they are not as effective as using weights.
    • Do resistance bands help you gain muscle?
    • They do, especially in the triceps and chest area and they can adjust to any level of strength you might already have.
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Soft on your skin

Compact carrying case

Elastic and cotton blend

High durability design

Fits variety of exercises

Non-roll gripping surface

Maximize your workouts and increase muscle mobility and strength with Victorem Cotton & Latex Printed Workout Bands. And get ready to feel the burn!

These fabric bands can be used to target the hips, glutes, thighs, legs, and ankles of athletes.

When it comes to functional and conditional training, there's no denying the undeniable effects of training with Cotton & Elastic Hip Booty Glute Printed Workout Bands by Victorem Gear.


We’ve modified the stitching line on our hip bands to keep them sturdy and straight whether you’re doing squats, raises, or deadlifts. Thick, wide, and strong: our bands are made of a durable cotton & latex blend that won’t roll down.


These booty bands feature three adjusted lengths and sizes.

You won’t need to worry about these stretch bands being too tight or too loose. Our 3 lengths allow you to target variety of muscle groups and increase the resistance by switching to a smaller band.

They come at:

  • 13.6 x 3.15 in
  • 14.9 x 3.15 in
  • 16.2 x 3.15 in


Build healthy joints to shape your body and Increase flexibility in order to prevent future injuries Tone your abs and get the look you’ve always wanted!


If you are at home, at the gym, or even outside in nature, these booty bands can help you shape your body. With exercises such as hip raises, straight leg raises, glute bridges and squats, you can have the body of your dreams.

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