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3-in-1 Mat

The best golf mats offer a variety of surfaces, just like the natural world! The Victorem golf mat is crafted with three types of grass so you can practice with a range of grass types even when you aren’t out on a course. 

With the Victorem 3-in-1 golf mat, each type of grass is thick enough to provide the stability and endurance required to stand up to repeated shots. 

Every shot has an impact on the mat. To withstand this, Victorem’s golf driving mats were crafted to bounce back naturally. 

Easily hit those crisp shots you really want to practice with the Victorem 3-in-1 mat. Unlike thinner chipping mats, Victorem’s practice golf mats are thicker and stay put so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around as you swing or get lined up. 


Superior design

This is 3-in-1 mat is easily one of the best indoor golf mats on the market! The design and weight of a golf mat are crucial to its lifespan. This golf mat was specially designed to make sure it won't hang or snag your golf club and its sturdy material is strong enough to withstand thousands of swings!

Our practice golf mats are a perfect combination of durability and intelligent design. They were made to be an ideal foundation for those who want to enjoy an at-home workout or those who just work on perfecting a swing!


High-quality materials

When it comes to indoor golf hitting mats, large, high-quality foldable mats like this one by Victorem will last for years to come. Our golf mats are made from top-notch materials and are one of the largest foldable mats on the market.

Unlike most golf mats, these portable mats by Victorem are crafted to naturally hold tees and provide a superior hitting surface with accurate shot analysis and feedback.


Invest in your health!

When you can’t be out on the greens, the Victorem practice golf mat is a great alternative. It is also an investment in your health! 

Golfers who hit ball after ball off of hard, substandard surfaces are likely to end up with injuries that can interfere with golfing season. This type of pain, known as 'Turf Shock' has put many golfers out of action!

Victorem’s 3-in-1 golf training mat has "give" that is similar to real grass. This makes practicing at home easy on the joints, even if you don't have a soft grassy surface available. 

No wonder golf hitting mats reviews give our mats excellent ratings!


Perfect for backyard or garage practice

Easily set up some golf practice turf with the Victorem 3-in-1 golf mat in your backyard or garage. This mat will help you perfect your swing on your own turf!

Because, well, let's face it, life sometimes gets in the way when it comes to doing fun things, like practicing your swings, spins, and drives. It's not always possible to get to a course or driving range. 

Victorem can help you become the golfer you have always wanted!


Ideal for the wet season

If you live in a colder or wetter country (or just want to play like traditionalists) you may have to carry a mat to the field in early spring or late autumn during the wet season. 

With Victorem’s golf mat you can use the same surface everywhere. When using the same portable mat when hitting at home and during colder month practices on the course, golfers achieve consistency in their game.


Durable and robust

These golf range mats are constructed through a challenging industrial process. The result is a strong product that exceeds industry standards when it comes to durability. They are resistant to all types of extreme weather, including water and ultraviolet rays.

If you're shopping for a mat and have read golf mat reviews, you will have noticed that common complaints include mats tearing, fading, curling up, and separating. Victorem’s durable 3-in-1 turf golf mats won't easily rip, fade, separate, or curl up.




what's New

What's Included:


    The Victorem golf mat is a driving range mat, an ideal golf practice pad, and the best home golf mat. With three types of grass incorporated into the design, these mats are excellent golf mats for home use.

  • 1 x Extra-large, foldable golf driving mat, which features 3 types of grass.

    This versatile golf grass mat can be used as a commercial golf mat, a golf hitting pad, and a golf chipping mat. 

    Size: Unfolded, the mat is 17x39 inches in size; while folded, it is 17x13 inches. 

    Weight: 6.06lb

    Color: Green 

    This high-quality golf chipping mat is divided into three sections with different types of 'grass' in each one. The first part is a grass section where you would take your stand. The second is your performance turf section, and the final area is the rough. 

    We constructed the base of the mat with heavy-duty, non-slip material. Driving range golf mats similar to this one by Victorem typically come with a hefty price tag.

  • 50 x Wooden golf mat tees

    Size: 1.96” x 3.26”

    Material: Wood

    These tees are perfect for 5-star golf mats. Reviews will quickly tell you that a mat that can accommodate wooden tees is the best type of indoor golf mat you can find.

How the product works:


    The best golf practice mats are simple to use. If you are an avid golfer, you'll enjoy the variety offered by mats like this one by Victorem with 3 types of grass; smooth, rough, and putting greens. The different surfaces on the driving range mats are perfect for driving, chipping, and putting!

    This is how to practice on golf mats:

    • Be aware that you can't trust the distance with 100% accuracy and precision, even when you hit off the best golf mat. 
    • Remember that mat surfaces are usually more slippery than grass in nature. Make sure you wear shoes that have traction. This will help prevent your feet from rotating and twisting as you swing, which might affect how you swing when you're on the real course. 
    • Consider adjusting your swing when using shorter irons. Take a more 'sweeping' swing instead of hitting sharply down with this type of club. 

    If golf practice pads are not maintained and the surface becomes damaged, you risk injury to your elbows, shoulders, and hands. A damaged golf mat could also cause the club to bounce and slide faster into the ball on the mat, especially when you take a big swing!

    To avoid injury and ensure the best possible practice experience, it is best if you regularly maintain your indoor golf practice mat. To clean your mat, follow these instructions:

    • Shake the mat vigorously to remove any loose sand, dirt, and dust. 
    • Lay it down on a flat surface.
    • Sweep away any other debris with a broom, or use a vacuum cleaner.
    • If necessary, scrub the mat with a brush with stiff bristles. 

    Driving mats should be firm but not too firm. If it becomes so firm that your swing is affected, it may be time to consider replacing your mat. Even the best golf practice mat will eventually need to be replaced.

    The best golf mat will be portable, durable, stable, and safe. If you follow the instructions above, your golf pad will give you all of that and provide you with years of use.

What's included

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What is the best golf hitting mat?

Although finding five-star golf mats is not rocket science, several factors consider the price, size, surface, safety, stability, durability, and portability. Mats have to suit the buyer's pocket and individual needs. 

You may need a mat that can easily be moved from your backyard or garage to the driving range, or alternatively something more of a permanent fixture. Size is also relative to the person's needs. 

However, no matter what your needs are in terms of size and portability, you will most certainly require a safe, stable, and durable mat. 

Our goal at Victorem is to create golf mats that provide all of the above and more. Victorem golf mats are constructed with top-quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology to create the best possible all-around end product suited to various needs. 

When it comes to golf practice mats, reviews clarify that weighted, well-designed mats like Victorem’s stand out from the crowd.

Is it bad to hit golf balls off a golf turf mat?

No, it is not bad. There are advantages and disadvantages to hitting golf balls off a hitting mat, and it's up to each individual to decide whether it suits their practice regime. 

Are golf hitting nets worth it?

This depends on what type of practice you enjoy. If you are using a turf golf mat at home for your practice regime and want to add a golf hitting net to your equipment, go for it! 

You could be spending time in your backyard or garage and need the ball to 'hit' something other than your neighbor's window. Getting a quality hitting net could be an excellent investment and an easy solution.

How do you make golf mats?

Review your options for buying a mat before thinking of making one. Although there are many instructional videos on the internet on making a golf practice mat, it may not be the best idea. 

Cheaply made mats or mats that have not been tested properly can result in injury or mishaps. Instead, think about investing in a quality pre-made mat. 

Professional mat makers have spent years studying the sport and designing mats based on their unique requirements. They consider safety, durability, and comfort of use. If you make a mat at home, you will most likely not get the desired result.



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