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Victorem Mini Loop Resistance Bands – Set of 5

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Maximize your gym time and workout potential by increasing muscle mobility and strength, thanks to Victorem’s new 5 piece resistance band set.

Any personal trainer or physical therapist knows that one of the best ways to prevent or rehab from injuries is by taking the time to strengthen the weakest points and increase mobility in the muscles that are lacking this. Whether you are on a CrossFit kick or trying to perform better in your yoga workouts, these bands were made to assist you. These bands were designed with 5 levels of resistance to allow you to increase resistance at the pace suits you best, as different exercises call for vastly differing levels of resistance. That’s why you need the revolutionary new Victorem Mini Loop Resistance Bands designed specifically for maximizing your workout potential and increase strength and mobility.

Durable, Versatile and Easy to Use

Far easier to use than getting tangled up with long resistance bands or stretching yoga straps, these bands are 12 inches long, designed to be the perfect length for everyone. Simply loop bands around ankles, feet, arms, knees, or other body parts and begin your strength and mobility workout or warmup. Lightweight and compact, you’ll never leave home without them because they fit right inside your gym bag without taking up much space.

Product Details:

  • High-Durability Design (.4, .6, .8, 1, 1.2mm thick)
  • 5 High Quality Bands
  • Portable Compact Carrying Case
  • Non-Slip Gripping Surface
  • Colors: Light Purple, Light Pink, Pink, Purple, Dark Purple
  • Fits Variety of Exercise and Workout Styles
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

BONUS: Free drawstring carry bag included!

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to start maximizing your workout potential and overall mobility with the versatile mini loop resistance bands from Victorem. 

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