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Victorem Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Band Set & Training Guide

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Increase Speed, Agility, and Muscle Endurance by maximizing your workout potential with Victorem's Speed and Agility Resistance Training Bands.

Victorem Speed and Agility Bands were created for athletes to encourage muscle growth and endurance by simply adding this product to existing workouts. Used by athletes of all ages, these bands provide the next level training recommended by coaches, trainers, and athletes worldwide.

Resistance training has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective workout techniques for burning fat, increasing speed, explosiveness, muscle endurance, mobility, and strength but is often ignored due to the complexity and difficulty of finding a workout band that allows you to do sport specific training. LOOK NO FURTHER, the next generation of training is here!

Durable, Versatile and Easy to Use

Far easier and more comfortable to use than conventional leg resistance bands, you simply attach the padded Velcro straps, connect resistance bands, and you’re ready to go. Compatible with a large variety of exercises, lifts, mobility movements, and sport specific drills, you’ll love how much easier and safer it makes training to beat the top competition. Lightweight and strong, you’ll never leave home without them because they fit right inside your gym bag without taking up much space.

Product Details:

  • (2) Soft Padded Velcro Attachment Straps
  • (2) 5 Lb Yellow Resistance Bands
  • (2) 20 Lb Blue Resistance Bands
  • (2) 40 lb Black Resistance Bands
  • Complete Body Workout Guide (Legs, Upper Body, Abdominals)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

BONUS: Free drawstring carry bag included!

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