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Victorem 80 Lb Resistance Training Bungee Band

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Maximize your training potential with a resistance trainer that helps you build strength, speed, power and agility.

If you’re looking to optimize your training potential and want to increase your vertical jumping strength, quick-twitch agility, and overall bursts of speed, then you need a multi-directional training band that improves your overall core strength and flexibility—the Victorem Resistant Trainer.

Resistance Matters

Whether you’re training for football, building core CrossFit strength, or trying to improve your baseball swing, Victorem helps add vital resistance that challenges your movements. This helps you push harder, create a stronger, more explosive base, and maximizes your movement potential with explosive results.

Product Details:

  • Sheathed Bungee Band
  • Stretchable and Flexible (8’-22’)
  • Adjustable 360° Rotation
  • Weight Resistance: 80 lbs.
  • Supports Multiple Training Styles and Sports
  • 1-Year Warranty

Order Includes:

  • High-Resistance Bungee Band
  • Harness Belt
  • Safety Hand Strap
  • Drawstring Carrying Bag

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