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Top 9 Resistance Band Arm Workout Exercises

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Top 9 Resistance Band Arm Workout Exercises

Arm workouts don't have to be all about expensive, heavy equipment that takes up a lot of space and is difficult to maintain. With a simple resistance band, you can both tone your arms and build up some muscles.

Yes - a simple resistance band can get you all of that. And in this article, we'll be going through some of the ways you can train your arms using some very basic, affordable tools.

Here are the best resistance band arm workout routines:

Why Use Resistance Bands for Your Arms

A simple resistance band can be used for a lot of different workouts. While this article has covered the arms, rest assured - a high-quality resistance band can replace most of the heavy training equipment.

It is no secret - many of us do arm exercises because it's the part of our bodies we want to show off. The number of searches per day for "how to get bigger arms" is probably larger than any of us would imagine. Everyone is looking for well-toned, muscular arms and a great physique.

Many quickly go out of their way to invest heavily in expensive equipment that's difficult to maintain and requires a lot of space. But a resistance band can easily replace a lot of that.

What's better - several resistance bands can be combined together to get to increase the amount of resistance you are using. So no matter what level you are training at, you can find the perfect amount of pressure to make sure that your muscles are getting a good workout using resistance bands.

There are loads of exercises with resistance bands available - and given how versatile and affordable they can be, a good resistance band is an investment worth making.

Resistance Band Exercises

If you want to know how to tone arms, you are in the right place! Let's get started!

1. Resistance Band Bicep Curls

It goes without saying - this workout is all about building the biceps.  It's an important arm day workout that should be included in most of your exercises.

  1. Get your looped resistance band around one of the legs - just above the knee.
  2. Kneel the banded leg, keeping the other leg at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Use the arm to lift the band up and down.
  4. Repeat!

2. Resistance Band Pull Apart

The resistance band pull apart workout is not only there to help your shoulders. It's also a great way to improve your posture and train your back muscles after a long day of sitting down. Also - it's incredibly simple to pull off (sorry!). What's not to love?

  1. Hold both ends of the resistance band with your hands. Make sure it's well-secured.
  2. Extend your arms, and keep your back straight.
  3. Pulling the arms back, extend the resistance band, until it touches your chest.
  4. Repeat!

3. Bow and Arrow

This archery-inspired workout trains your shoulder muscles and looks pretty cool while you are doing it.

  1. Pick up one end of the resistance band with your first hand and fully extend it.
  2. Pick up the other end with your second hand - the smaller the gap is, the more resistance it will give.
  3. Keeping the first hand straight, use the second arm to pull the band, like you're Robin Hood.
  4. Repeat!

4. Front Raise With Band

It's a weight workout with no weights needed! This workout targets your upper shoulder muscles.

  1. Fix one end of the band under your foot.
  2. Using the arm from the same side, grab the other end of the loop.
  3. Keeping the elbow straight, lift the band up and down.
  4. Repeat!

5. Band Triceps Kickback

The tricep kickbacks train - you guessed it! - triceps. Especially - the tricep head, which is the most visible of the muscles in the group. As a bonus, your abs and shoulders should also feel the burn. Don't skip this one if you're looking to build some muscles.

  1. Step on the middle of the band with both feet. They should be around the width of your shoulders.
  2. Take each end of the band with both hands, secure them nicely.
  3. Bend down, put your elbows back, so they form a 90-degree angle.
  4. Get the ends of the band back - extending your arms entirely.
  5. Return them to the 90-degree angle and repeat.
  6. Repeat!

6. Band Lateral Raise

When done correctly, best arm workouts tend to help other muscles, too. This one's no exception. Meant to build some muscles on the shoulders, it's also going to help your abs and core.

  1. Put the looped band under one foot.
  2. Get your legs in a position a bit wider than your shoulders.
  3. With the arm opposite to the leg holding the band, get the band up and down - to the height of your shoulders.
  4. Repeat!

7. Resistance Band Tricep Extension

Another workout for the triceps, this one can get pretty intense - but when done well, the benefits are great.

  1. Attach the exercise band to a door or secure area.
  2. Stand facing the door.
  3. With your feet shoulder-width apart, grab hold of both end of the resistance band and pull your arms straight back.
  4. Repeat!

8. Overhead Band Stretch

Less focused on lifting up and down and more on endurance, overhead band stretch is beneficial for all muscles in the arms. Here's how to do it.

  1. Wrap the band around an overhead bar, forming a knot.
  2. Pull in back a bit, tie the loose part of the band around your wrist. Make sure it's snug tightly and not loose.
  3. Step back, so the band gives some stretch.
  4. Slightly bend your abs and bend down.
  5. Step back with one leg. Make sure the knees are close to, but not touching the ground.
  6. Hold on for a while.
  7. Repeat!

9. Resistance Band Shoulder Press

This one is great for muscles surrounding the scapula - or more commonly - shoulder blades. This is a very important area to maintain, not just for muscle gain, for general wellbeing as well. A correct shoulder position can help avoid discomfort and even injuries not only when playing sports, but doing pretty regular everyday activities.

Here's how to do a shoulder press:

  1. Step on the very middle of the band with your feet - make sure it's secure and not going anywhere.
  2. Raise the ends of the bands, and secure them, so they're directly behind your elbows.
  3. Start pressing upwards, as if you're lifting something up. Keep the shoulder blades straight and backing down.
  4. Repeat!

Resistance band arm workout final notes

A good arm workout is something everyone should have tucked up their sleeves and a resistance band workout will make it even easier for you to get in those workouts when you can't make it to the gym or when all the machines are full. You know what the gym looks like in January!

We hope that you are able to take all or even just a few of these great exercises and create an upper-body workout that will make achieving your goals even easier! Don't be afraid to use stronger bands or multiple bands as you feel yourself improving!

Remember just like any other exercise consistency and rest are the key to seeing results!

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

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