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Lacrosse Rebounder

  • Description
    • High-quality Convenient Steel Frame - The durable 1.25-inch thick steel frame is ready to withstand even the most powerful hits for years to come.
    • 45-ply Mesh Net - Extra bungee cords and a strong mesh net offers extra tension and reliability.
    • 5-angle Adjustable Positioning - Adjust the rebounder so it’s at the perfect angle for you - or your kids.
    • Longer Target Strip - Change the shape of your target and make it whatever you want it to be.
    • Replacement Net Included - We double down on quality: each Lacrosse rebounder comes with a replacement net, so your set serves twice the time.
  • What's in the Package
    • 1x Lacrosse Rebounder
    • 1x Replacement Net
    • 1x Target Ribbon
    • 36x Bungee Cords
    • 4x Ground Stakes
    • 1x Assembly Instruction
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bungee cord cover mesh

Bungee cord cover mesh

bungee cord

Bungee cords

target strip

84 inch target strip

steel metal frame

Metal frame

steel ground stake

4 steel ground stakes

replacement net

Replacement net

Practice Your Best Shots

Lacrosse Rebounder is a perfect training partner, able to withstand even the hardest hits. Made from high-quality materials, tough, and easily adjustable, this rebounder net is a reliable choice - perfect for players of all skill levels.

lacrosse rebounder up front
steel frame connector

metal frame

The 1.25-inch steel frame is durable and resistant from breaking and bending - so fire away!

removable target strip


The extra-long target strip allows you to make the perfect target for perfect practice.

nylon bounce back net


45-ply nylon bounce back net is made to last longer (and bounce back harder!) than other nets.

Bungee Cord Cover Mesh for Full Confidence

36 bungee cords will allow you to add more tension to the net - and a reliable cover mesh is going to keep them safe from even the most vicious shots you’ll ever have.
bungee cords covered with mesh

Perfect Angle for the Perfect Shot

Need a specific tilt? No problem. Lacrosse Rebounder can be set up to 5 different angles. And what’s even better, the adjustment process is incredibly simple. Your opponents will come from all kinds all angles - so your bounce back net should do the same.
lacrosse rebounder adjustable angle

Conquer the Great Outdoors

With 4 steel ground stakes, Lacrosse Rebounder is ready for all of your outdoor practice. In all circumstances, too - it’s completely weather-resistant, ready for extensive training in every condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This product assembles well, the wide array of assembly instructions help too, it arrived quickly and it was packaged extremely well, I’m a huge fan and I’ve got nothing really to complain about!


I’m officially in love with it.
My baseball team (ages 6-9) has an absolute blast every time they play with this rebounder.
The previous purchases we made fell apart easily in less than two weeks of usage, so that proves that we give these rebounders quite a workout.
It provides various angles and it really helps out members of my team to work on their catching skills.
After a month of usage, it holds up nicely.
The brand has outstanding craftsmanship and outstanding customer service, I highly recommend them!


I thought it would be an amazing idea to get this for my lovely grandson as he’s really into lacrosse and wanted a rebounder for his birthday.
However, most of the ones I found online were extremely expensive, until I came across this.
With the help of my grandson, we managed to put it together easily.
As for function, it works great, its very firm so the lacrosse ball bounces back easily.
After multiple playing sessions with his brother, my grandson is happy to have it.


This was extremely intuitive and easy to assemble, I love it.


I love how easy this is to set, my 11-year-old child can do it on his own