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5 Great Hip Circle Exercises to Strengthen Your Glutes!

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5 Great Hip Circle Exercises to Strengthen Your Glutes!

Hip circles are one of the most underrated forms of resistance training you can have in your workout repertoire. Combine basic hip circle exercises with a strong hip circle band to create resistance, and you'll soon find that your glutes and lower body are more toned than ever before.

With a few simple exercises practiced regularly, you can effectively increase your lower body strength and flexibility using hip circle bands.

Let's take a look at the benefits of using hip circles bands in your exercise routine and some of the best exercises you can practice from anywhere!

What is a hip circle?

A hip circle is a type of resistance band that is designed to be placed on your upper legs, above your knees. Hip bands add resistance to a regular exercise movement, allowing you to work underutilized muscles more effectively.

Hip circle bands allow certain muscles, in particular your glutes and thigh muscles, to be activated during lower body exercises. This helps muscles to be toned more effectively than exercising without a hip circle and without the strain of using traditional weights.

Elastic hip circle bands allow you to work on a range of movements based around exercising your glutes and other leg muscles. Hip circle bands can withstand large amounts of pressure and weight without snapping. Different strengths of hip circle bands offer different resistance levels to your workout, making them a small yet versatile piece of gym equipment!

Hip circle band benefits

Hip circle bands are a great way to exercise your lower body and tone your glutes up. To see if you might be able to benefit from hip circle exercises, let's run through a few more detailed advantages of using hip circle bands before we start exercising.

  • More thorough warm-ups
  • Increased flexibility and movement
  • Improved rotation of the hip joints
  • Burn fat and tone muscles
  • Increase resistance at your own pace
  • Prevent injuries when exercising or weight lifting
  • Train and workout anywhere

How do you use hip bands?

The great thing about hip bands is that they are so easy to use. They are light, they pack down small, and you can take them anywhere. You can use hip circle bands anywhere, for a robust and thorough workout, as long as you are using them properly.

Hip circle bands are tight, yet stretchy, and the aim is to have them rest above your knees but below your waistline during an exercise. The goal is to push outwards against the hip band, to work against the resistance they create. It's important to maintain good posture and to focus on technique. In particular, do not let your knees cave in and try to keep your back upright.

The hip circle exercises below will explain in more detail how to best use hip bands in your daily workouts.

Hip circles workout

Remember to warm up first, before attempting hip circle exercises! For each of these exercises, 3 sets of 10-15 reps should have you burning fat and toning your glutes. Increase resistance incrementally, using the hip bands, to improve your performance over several weeks.

#1 Hip circle walks

Warm-up your hips with hip circle walking exercises to loosen up and prevent injury.

  1. Place your hip circle band around your thighs.
  2. Slowly walk up and down your exercise area to start generating resistance and loosening up your movements.

#2 Hip circle squats

Tone your glutes with an intense set of hip circle squats.

Hip circle squats really help to improve your exercise technique, allowing you to build up the number of squats you can achieve while toning your glutes fabulously.

  1. Place your hip circle band just above your knees.
  2. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and slowly lower yourself into the squat position while holding your arms out in front of you.
  3. Focus on your squat technique to gain the most from the resistance band.

#3 Hip circle side steps

Hip circle side step exercises, or lateral steps, are a great way to target your inner and outer thighs using a hip circle band.

Place your hip circle band comfortably above your knees and spread your feet comfortably apart. Slowly but firmly raise your left leg and take a later step to the left. Bring your left leg back to the center. Raise your right leg and take a lateral step to the right. Bring your right leg back to the center. Repeat.

#4 Glute Raise

Strengthen and tone your abs and glutes using glute raises.

  1. Lay down on your back, with your hip circle band placed above your knees and your knees at right angles to the floor.
  2. Keep your feet and your back flat to the floor and slowly raise your hips towards the ceiling before lowering back to the floor.

#5 Glute kickback

Stretch out your glutes with glute kickbacks.

  1. Place a resistance band around one ankle before kneeling on the floor, and adopting a plank position.
  2. Place the other end of the band firmly in your hand, and slowly kick back your leg behind you.
  3. The further you push your leg bag, the more resistance you will encounter from the hip circle band.

The final word on hip circle exercises

Hip circles band exercises are a fantastic way to tone and strengthen your lower body muscles, in particular your glutes. If you are looking to incorporate simple, yet effective exercises into your daily routine, hip circle exercises with resistance bands are a great way to work on your lower body!

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

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