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6 Fat-Burning Lower Body Workouts with Resistance Bands

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6 Fat-Burning Lower Body Workouts with Resistance Bands

If you enjoy lower body training and want to shape your legs, you'll enjoy our selection of resistance loop band exercises.

Although weight training and cardio are excellent exercises for toning your legs and lower body, training with resistance bands is also an effective way to work every muscle in your hips, quadriceps, and knees.

So, if you want to add a challenge to your leg day workout, grab your resistance loop, and let's start.

Lower Body Workouts

The best lower body exercises target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and your entire lower body.

Resistance Band Squat

If you want a better-looking booty, adding squats to your workout routine is a must. However, basic air squats can sometimes get boring, so we've decided to make things fun and increase intensity. Adding resistance bands to your workout plans is the perfect way to get the dreamy backside you have always wanted.

The banded squat will keep your knees in the right position and help to engage your legs while toning your booty. Stand on the band with feet apart (shoulder-width) and hold the handles close to your shoulders. Ideally, the loop band should be behind your arms. Slowly move up and down into squat position keeping your abs tight. You may feel a slight tension in your knees (if you've never used a band before), but that's just normal.


Lunges are essential for leg workouts as they activate your entire lower body. Many gym enthusiasts and CrossFitters use weight to add a challenge to this movement, but for obvious reasons, we'll use a resistance loop to scale the activity.

Bands are an excellent addition to the basic lunge movement because they add minimal stress on the joints.

To begin, place the band under one foot and hold each end in your hand. Step the other foot behind you while keeping the heel off the ground. With knees bent to a 90-degree angle, lower yourself toward the ground. Start pressing back up as you push the arms overhead. Remember that resistance bands come in different tensions (based on the color). If the exercise isn't challenging enough, you can grab a tighter loop band to make it harder. Switch legs and repeat. Continue this until you have hit your desired number of reps.


The deadlift is a complex leg workout that builds core stability and activates both your upper and lower body to work together. It supports back muscle groups and improves your core strength, which makes it an excellent workout to add to your daily routine.

If you are a beginner, a no weight option would probably work best. Wrap the band under your feet and grab the ends in each hand with palms facing backward. Throughout the motion, keep the loop band close to your legs.

To really challenge yourself, you can add weight. Wrap the band around a barbell and place the other end under your feet.

Once you are ready, push your butt back and bend your knees as you pull through the core. Fold-down slightly until you feel a stretch in your legs. Pull yourself back up slowly while keeping your arms and back straight. Pull your hips back and return to the starting position.

Box Step Up

The box step up is an excellent workout for the legs due to its simplicity and high effectiveness. Bind the loop band to the door at the height of your head. Get yourself in front of the box (ideally, you need to place it 2 meters away from the door). Start climbing on the box but without pulling too much the loop band.

For those who appreciate a great challenge, try the second version, with the band around your waste. In this case, the loop band reduces the stability and carries an extra load that adds more challenge to the work of your quadriceps and glutes.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squat is one of the best leg and butt exercises. Making an already effective workout even more challenging is a great way to tone your bottom and create the perfect shape you desire.

Due to the band's elasticity, the rear leg has nothing to push against, causing the front leg to do the heavy work. Selecting different band strengths will allow you to scale the movement's difficulty – lighter bands are for more advanced lifters while thicker bands are excellent for beginners. Bind the loop band to your door or barbell (or another stationary object) at the height of your knees and place your back foot into the loop band (with only your toes attached). Start squatting but without pulling too much the loop band. Don't be surprised if you can't do multiple repetitions of the Bulgarian split squats. Your body must work harder to keep a balance over the front leg. As you train more, you'll be able to gain more proficiency in this movement and become better at it.

Heavy Sled Push

Leaving the sled push as a finisher is an excellent way to burn extra fat and calories. Whether you've done thigh workouts before or a side leg lift with band, rattling off a few pushes at the end of your workout session will get you the body results you want. Pushing the sled imitates the running movement and activates the same muscle group without stressing your joints.

Load up the sled with the desired weight and place the band around your waist. Start marching in the usual way. The sled provides resistance and maintains tension in the loop band as you move forward. By starting at a lower weight and slowly increasing, you will build strength and endurance.

Good exercises for legs

Firm and well-shaped legs help you walk, run, jump, and balance. If you want to work on your legs and really get them in shape, try out these exercises.

Squats – This exercise sculpts the hips, butt, and abs.

Lunges – This move activates both legs, making it an excellent exercise for more muscular and well-shaped legs.

Single-leg deadlifts – This exercise works your hips, butt, and upper legs.

Step up – The repetitive movement of step ups will work your hips, thighs, and butt.

Bridge – The famous bridge movement tones your legs, thighs, hips, and core. If you want to make it harder, use your resistance loop band and put it around your thighs.

How to build lower body muscle

Your lower body is the quickest place to build muscle. With the right exercises and workout routine, you'll see results fast.

These tips will help you burn more calories and fat while you improve your strength.

Warm-up before exercising

If you are not adequately warmed up, you'll never get the results you want. Before you start with your daily workout routine, raise your temperature with five minutes of light running followed by a set of stretches.

Fuel-up right

Your legs and glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body, meaning you'll need lots of energy to train them right.

Your muscles need proper nutrition to stay healthy and strong. According to one study, men need around 56 grams of protein each day, while women should get about 46 grams daily. If you are trying to stay in great shape, you need to pay attention to your protein intake – the more protein you consume, the better. Protein builds muscle while helping you burn fat.

Here are some of the best sources of protein:

  • Fish – Salmon is a great source of protein.
  • Lean meats – If you are trying to stay slim, stick to chicken and lean red meat cuts. Although a juicy steak may sound delicious, you should try to steer clear of fatty cuts of meat.
  • Eggs – This breakfast superfood contains protein and calcium.


Lunge Gently Like a Ballerina

Lunges are some of the best leg exercises. If your goal is to burn fat while toning your legs and booty at the same time, add lunges into your workout routine. If you want to make this workout movement even more efficient, move up and down as gently as possible.

Give your muscles a rest

Your muscles need to recover between 48 and 72 hours before hitting the gym again. Even if you are working out from home using resistance bands, you should have at least two days break time from your routine. Rest is essential because it allows your lower body muscles to develop strength.

Train from different angles

It is essential to train from all angles and add variety to your daily exercises. Working out with resistance bands is an excellent way to upgrade your routine and mix up your lower body muscle training.

Ready to Burn Fat?

Resistance bands are affordable and useful for a variety of lower body exercises. While those looking to solely add mass might not be impressed by the resistance loop bands, they are an excellent addition to a workout routine and perfect for increasing strength, boosting power, and adding some muscle.

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Katherine Holden

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