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The Resistance Band Bicep Curl: Sculpting Your Arms

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The Resistance Band Bicep Curl: Sculpting Your Arms

The resistance band bicep curl is a fantastic exercise to create bigger biceps while also toning secondary arm muscles. Bicep curls are a great addition to your strength training routine and a proven, yet underrated, route to help build the biceps you've always wanted!

This effective strength training exercise is a brilliant alternative to heavy weight lifting. You don't need hefty and expensive dumbbells, bars, or complicated weight-machines to start chiseling your biceps. In fact, you can begin building muscle mass in your living room - all you need is a pull up band!

Here's how to start training your arms and strengthening those biceps with resistance band curls!

Performing the resistance band bicep curl

To start learning how to execute the resistance band bicep curl, and any other strength training arm exercises with bands, all you need is a workout space and a range of resistance bands. One of the most significant advantages of using bands is the ease of transportation.

Resistance bands allow you to build muscle in the same way that you would when using weights, and they offer a surprisingly high level of resistance that makes this an effective exercise. As you progress and become stronger, you can increase the difficulty of the movement by using resistance bands with higher tension.

When you are first learning the exercise, it's best to use a lower resistance as you focus on the movements and techniques. When your strength and fitness improve, then you should slowly increase the resistance.

You can use the resistance band bicep curl as a standalone exercise, as part of a more comprehensive bicep workout routine with resistance bands, or as a warmup for your regular weight lifting workout. Remember to warm up before commencing any strength training circuit. We recommend stretching and light cardio to keep from injuring weaker muscles.

Here's how to do the resistance band bicep curl:

  1. Select a resistance band with an appropriate level of resistance for your strength and fitness.
  2. Place your feet over the resistance band while holding the ends of the band in either hand.
  3. Keep your elbows firmly at your sides with your palms facing upwards.
  4. Curl the resistance band upwards, and slowly release the tension as you lower your arms back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for at least 8 repetitions.

We recommend at least 8 repetitions. However, you can increase this number as your strength and fitness improve. If you are finding it too hard using both arms at the same time, then modify the exercise by only curling one arm at a time. Working one arm at a time will also allow you to better focus on perfecting technique.

How can I build bigger biceps?

To build bicep mass, you need to ensure that you are regularly performing bicep curls as part of a broader strength training regime. Slowly increase the level of resistance that you are working out against, to build your muscles gradually.

The human body builds bigger muscles when the existing muscle is torn or ripped (this is where the expression 'getting ripped' comes from! When the muscle tears, it's then repaired by the body, which causes it to build back larger and stronger. Each time you tear and then re-build the muscle, you'll be growing bigger biceps. As you keep repeating the process, you'll need to increase the resistance your muscles are working against in order for them to rip and repair.

To really build bigger biceps, you'll also need to perform a wider variety of exercises. As well as performing resistance band bicep curls, use a mixture of free weights or weight machines when you can, too. Variation helps to build stronger muscles, as you're biceps can otherwise become too accustomed to one exercise alone, and start to find it 'too easy.' Variation also helps to strengthen muscles that aren't targetted by the usual movements.

Building muscle takes time and patience. It doesn't happen overnight or after one workout. Trying to workout against too much weight or high resistance too early can easily lead to injuries, so be careful and take it easy when you are first starting out with this exercise.

Remember that building muscle also requires a clean and healthy diet. You need to be taking in the right nutrients in the correct quantities, with a focus on protein!

Can resistance bands help to build bicep muscle mass?

Resistance bands will help you effectively build muscle in the same way that weights do. The resistance of the band allows you to tear your bicep muscles, and then they grow back bigger and stronger just as weight lifting causes. Resistance bands also offer a surprising level of resistance and tension, which allows for an effective longterm strength training regime.

Die-hard weight lifters might be wondering why they should start using resistance bands in their workouts. Traditionally, building muscle mass has always focused on lifting dumbbells or using weight-machines in gyms.

Importantly, though, resistance bands also offer a lot that weights or weight machines can't when it comes to strength training. Resistance bands provide a much wider range of movement that allows you to target different areas of the bicep muscle more thoroughly. You can easily change the range of motion when using resistance bands, in comparison to a static weight machine, allowing a much more effective workout.

Resistance bands have a fantastic range of tensions, and as your strength improves, you can easily switch out one resistance band for a stronger version. This allows you to continue building muscle mass as your fitness improves over time. You can use stronger bands to build muscle mass with slower, more intense reps, or you can use lighter bands with a higher number of reps to tone and define your existing muscles.

Resistance band bicep exercises can also be performed in your own home. You don't need expensive gym machines or heavy dumbbells to start building muscles. Resistance bands are compact and easily transportable too, which means that you can keep up with your routines from the office or while you're on holiday!

Of course, resistance bands do have their limits, and the strongest resistance band won't be heavier than the heaviest free weights or the highest setting on the weight machine. Serious body-builders can still perform bicep workouts with resistance bands to vary their range of exercises, as warmups to help avoid injury and tone their muscle.

Aside from helping you build bicep muscles, there are many significant benefits you can quickly realize once you've started incorporating resistance bands into your strength training workouts:

  • Tone and define your muscles
  • Burn calories and burn fat
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Avoid long term injuries by strengthening muscles around joints.
  • Perform different movements and exercises using the same resistance band
  • Increase the resistance of bands as you gain strength
  • Bands are compact and easy to carry, so take them virtually anywhere.
  • Cheaper than gym memberships and weight machines!

The last word on resistance band bicep curl exercises

Resistance band bicep curls are a great addition to any strength training workout. Using a range of resistance bands, you can effectively build muscle mass and sculpt existing muscles by incorporating this simple exercise into your workout routine.

Build the biceps you've always dreamed of!

Why not start practicing exercise band curls today?

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

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