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X Band Walk: How To Do It Correctly

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X Band Walk: How To Do It Correctly

Walking with resistance bands is a proven way to improve your core strength, define your glutes, and strengthen the hips. The standard banded sidewalk or lateral band walks can get all too easy, far too quickly, so we recommend learning how to do the X band walk!

The X band walk is a great way to increasingly add resistance to your side steps, as you make an x-shape across your body with the band itself, and push against the extra tension. Add a variety of resistance by having a selection of pull up band for exercises ready to go in your workout area.

The X band walk; here's how to do it the correct way!

How to do the X band walk

The X band walk requires a long resistance band and enough space to move from side to side at least a few steps in each direction. Remember to stretch before beginning any exercise routine to prevent unwanted injury.

    1. Stand tall and place your feet slightly apart from each other.
    2. Loop one end of your resistance band underneath your feet and hold onto the other end.
    3. Form an X shape by crossing the band in the middle.
    4. Pull the band upwards to increase the tension for the exercise.
    5. Holding firmly onto the band, and keeping the X shape, take small side steps to the left, as far as your workout area allows.
    6. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction, and repeat for the desired number of repetitions and sets.

The X band walk can be performed as part of a more in-depth resistance band workout, or use it as an active warmup during a strength training circuit.

Add resistance by changing the type of band you are using. When you first start performing the exercise, select a low resistance. To avoid overworking your muscles and causing injury, gradually build your muscle strength up towards using thicker resistance bands. The idea is to improve your strength and fitness slowly!

What muscles are targeted by X band walks?

The X band walk targets a core group of muscles needed for both everyday living as well as sports and athletics.

The X band walk works the following core muscle groupings:

  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Hips

Multiple secondary muscles will also be targeted by the X band walk during exercise.

Incorporating the X banded side walk into your resistance band workouts will help you to not only strengthen these muscle groupings but to define them as well.

You'll be simultaneously working on your cardio and improving your overall health and fitness. Importantly, the X band walk can help you to avoid long term, chronic injuries, and to strengthen your everyday muscles and joints.

The final say on the X band walk.

The X band walk is really that easy, but with the simple crossover of the resistance band, you'll be able to work out against the tension much more effectively than many other resistance band walks.

Why not incorporate this exercise into your next resistance band workout?

Robert J. Tremper

Robert J. Tremper

Robert is a bodybuilder that trains his body one day at a time. Through his experience, he shares his knowledge with the world in the hopes of making a more fitness aware and healthy society and promote an overall unique lifestyle that won't leave them hanging when they're older. Robert is on a mission to inspire and share his message across the entire world.

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