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Famous Lacrosse Players: Get Inspired by Best of the Best

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famous lacrosse players

Lacrosse is an exciting, fast paced sport which has gained popularity all across the globe, with the recent arrival of the Premier Lacrosse League bringing the sport to the attention of millions of aspiring fans. Major league lacrosse players have been garnering attention for a number of years, and the fight to crown the best lacrosse player of all time is ongoing. 

Considering how many people play lacrosse, finding the best of the best is no easy feat!

Do you know Jim Brown or John Grant? The MVPs from American League Championships? If you are keen to find out who is who in the world of lacrosse, read on and get inspired - we present the most famous players in the game in a random order.

Jason Coffman
  • Way back in the days when Salisbury University went by Salisbury State, Jason Coffman shone as the star player on the lacrosse team. 
  • As a four-time first-team All American, his claim to fame is primarily an ability to score an incredible number of points - all without necessarily being the fastest, biggest or strongest player. 
  • On the contrary, Coffman was small compared to many college lacrosse players, but he was fast, agile, and amazing with his hands.
  • With a record of 451 points scored during his college years, no hall of fame would be complete without this name.
Jim Thorpe
  • Jim Thorpe is a very well-known name not only in the lacrosse world, but also as a celeb in the wider world of sports - as in...all of them. 
  • Many fans have referred to Thorpe as the best American athlete of all time, thanks to an uncanny ability to turn his hand to pretty much any sport and excel. 
  • His lacrosse career only lasted until the end of high school, but just a quick look at his records offer an insight into the potential which lay dormant.
  • If Thorpe would have gone pro or even taken up college lacrosse - the sporting scene would have been transformed.
John Grant, Sr, and John Grant. Jr
  • If you are looking for someone to take the top spot in stick stills, John Grant is your man.
  • He has a sterling reputation throughout the lacrosse world, and especially in Canada, where his skills are a vital asset to the national sport. 
  • His one handed talent is legendary, and he has more than earned his place in our list of the greats. 
  • As an added bonus, he has passed his talent and skills on to the next generation of lacrosse players, through his son, John Grant Jr - we are starting to think there is something a little magical about the John Grant genes.
Paul Gait
  • There is an ongoing dispute in the world of lacrosse legends as to whether Paul has eclipsed the skills of his brother Gary. 
  • Despite the discussions, there is no denying that Paul is a player who would be welcomed by any team with open arms; some have gone so far as to call him the greatest player who ever lived. 
  • Paul is known for his ability to dominate any game with one handed magic, using stunning insight to predict moves and events before they happened, as well as an uncanny knack of dictating the terms, position and pace of play - a true inspiration to any aspiring player. 
  • The competition of the Gait brothers plays on; but this must never be allowed to undermine Paul's incredible talent.
Dave Pietramala
  • Though many of the names on our list earned their stripes as an offensive player - Dave Pietramala is renowned for transforming the way defense was played across the whole of lacrosse. 
  • He holds the honor of being the only person to win NCAA as both player and coach, and has also been inducted into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 
  • His status as a defenseman is legendary, and a great lesson for any offensive player looking to tighten up and improve their game - this is the standard you should be aiming to beat.
Michael Powell
  • Michael Powell is a player who deserves the title of best college lacrosse player ever, having earned four mentions in the first-team All American Syracuse University team.
  • His skill set is versatile and diverse, and he has an uncanny ability to flit from move to move with precision and accuracy, making him deadly to both an offensive player, and every defenseman. 
  • He has also been described as a generous player, always happy to focus on the good of the team, as opposed to honing in on opportunities for individual glory. 
  • Sadly, lacrosse was superseded by music in Powells life, and many fans still mourn the day he hung up his sticks.
Oren Lyons
  • Oren Lyons is arguably one of the greatest goalies in lacrosse history. 
  • As a member of the All-American at Cuse, he was part of a team who reigned undefeated for an entire year, and Lyons stuck faithfully to his traditional style to ensure that the winning streak remained. 
  • Even on the field, he was playing box style: saving the ball high up with chest, elbows, shoulders and even his head, as a tribute to the Iroquois he loved. 
  • As an added bonus, he was, and remains, an avid campaigner for the rights of native players and citizens, serving as Native Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, proving that his power is not merely confined to the field.
Paul Rabil
  • Often described as America’s Lacrosse Superstar, Paul Rabil represents the man, the myth, the legend behind the conception and implementation of the Premier Lacrosse league in 2019.
  • With a career which started at just 12 years old, Rabil continued to compete all through high school, earning a spot at John Hopkins, and claiming the national lacrosse championship title twice. 
  • He was also named to the All-American team four times in four years - an unprecedented feat which more than emphasises his national lacrosse status - and graduated college as the all time leader for points and goals as a midfielder. 
  • Phew. Rabil’s passion for lacrosse did not stop there - in 2008 we saw his entry into the Major League Lacrosse draft with the Boston Cannons, and this sparked a decade-long career of accolades, trophies and unforgettable matches. 
  • Amongst his many accolades include twice winner of the Steinfield Cup in the MLL, MVP in the MLL for both 2009 and 2011, and MVP of the championship game in 2015. 
  • To date, he has been selected for nine First-Tea, All Pro teams, grabbed an NLL trophy, and been selected twice for All-Star Games on the indoor side. 
  • If that wasn't enough (along with being named most successful business athlete of 2017 by Sport techie, and making the Entrepreneur's Top 40 List of Most Entrepreneurial Athletes), he also co-founded the Premier Lacrosse League alongside his brother, Mike, with the aim of normalising making a living from lacrosse thanks to higher wages, stock and benefits. 
  • Did we mention that he is also the highest paid lacrosse player in history? It's safe to say that Rabil may just be one to watch.
Jim Brown
  • Jim Brown is another player who has gone down in the history books as a legend, and he has earned a spot as one of the top lacrosse players, despite perhaps being better known for his work on the football field. 
  • His innovation, foresight and willingness to take risks helped him to stand out as an exceptional player, and, as he stated, he would have stuck to the sport had it been an option to go pro at the time - for Jim Brown, lacrosse was a passion, not merely a sport.
  • Sadly, the lacrosse world's loss was a football game, and Brown went on to enjoy a thriving career in a number of areas. 
  • He is far from forgotten, though, and destined to go down as one of the great lacrosse players.
Michael Ehrhardt
  • As the MVP in the 2018 World Championship, Michael Ehrhardt is up there with the best of the best, and a valuable player across the sport. 
  • While he may be one of the younger players on our list, the world championship title is a key indicator that he is not to be underestimated - this is a player with the ability to pull a stunning performance out of the bag time and again, and his position as a midfielder means he has plenty of opportunities to play for the team, and drive home that victory. 
  • In terms of sheer stamina, endurance and skill, Michael Ehrhardt has earned his place in our list of lacrosse legends.
Jimmy Lewis
  • A three-time All American while playing for the Navy, Jimmy Lewis is a name recognised by lacrosse players across the world, and three time winner of the USILA National Championships. 
  • His strengths lay in his speed, agility, and ability to connect with the perfect stick to play, as well as an innate skill and talent which simply could not be replicated. 
  • If you are looking for the top echelons of lacrosse players to emulate, Lewis should be pretty high on your list.

Hopefully we have managed to inspire you to upgrade your lacrosse game and push your limits further! In case you don’t yet have an equipment necessary for practising at home - consider getting yourself a lacrosse rebounder, too!

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

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