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Improving your lacrosse skills is an ongoing, never-ending process. It requires not only time and effort, but also plenty of practice. Besides, it is important to choose women’s lacrosse drills that are right for you in order to help you maximise your game. Practicing will help you make the most of every moment on the pitch, and more importantly - will help your team to bound together for the successful outcome.

In the article below, there is a range of the best women’s lacrosse drills to add to your lacrosse practice plan: from lacrosse dodging techniques to the secrets of a perfect pass.

Bring your game to the next level in no time!

Spin To Win Game Drill

The Spin To Win Game is a great way for teams to practice reacting to ground balls while moving in, and during tight situations with opponents. 
  • With regular practice and coaching, the response will quickly become second nature, allowing faster reaction times even under pressure. 
  • This is a drill which can be practiced by all players, regardless of position, and is suitable for all levels - you can also have multiple stations set up to maximise participation. 
  • To start, make sure two players are placed back to back, on any location on the field. 
  • When the whistle blows, they circle the ball, eyes up, and without touching the opponent. 
  • On the second whistle, they must locate and scoop the ball as quickly as possible.
  • To progress the drill, you can adapt by increasing the distance between the players, increase the time they spend circling, alternate the top hands on the stick, and even introduce time constraints to control and alter the pace of the activity.
3 Shot Shooting Drill

Team shooting drills is another important skill to practice, helping to ensure that the players can work closely together, as well as practicing individual skills. 
  • The 3 shot shooting drill is perfect for working on lacrosse offense, and is great for coaching midfield and offense players. 
  • Also, it is a great warm up or skill practice, and should be carried out in the attack zone.
  • The goal here is to work on practicing shooting from three different scenarios within the attack zone: begin with 3 lines around the 12 meter line, and place one feeder (F) behind the cage, with 1 player (P1) placed to the left of the 12 meter line, 1 player (P2) top centre, and 1 player (P2) high left.
  • P1 runs to take a breakaway shot on goal, and P2 receives a pass from the feeder, before taking a shot on goal. 
  • P3 picks up a ground ball and takes a shot from within the 8 meter. 
  • To progress, switch to weak hand play, and add defensive pressure to all positions.
Straight Weave Drill

Passing drills not only help to improve individual skills, but are crucial for learning to work as part of a strong team.
  • The straight weave drill is a great passing practice for all skill levels and abilities, and can be adapted and progressed depending on the makeup of your team. 
  • The goal here is to ensure that your players can catch on the move, as well as learn how to lead their teammates, all while maintaining constant communication.
  • The drill starts with three lines of players at each cone, and the ball on the middle line - this should be the position for all repetitions. The ball can be started in any direction, and this can adapt as you progress in difficulty. 
  • Player 1 (P1) passes to Player 2 (P2), and, following the direction of the pass, runs around P2, and continues to run straight. P2 passes to Player 3 (P3), and, following the direction of the pass, runs around P3, and continues to run straight. This pattern can be continued for each thow as desired.
  • To progress this drill, the speed can be altered - try it at a walk, jog or sprint depending on the skill level of your players. 
  • You can also try catching with one hand and transferring onto the other, as well as introducing time and constraints to progress the game and control the pace. Adding scoring can also help to increase the element of competition.
Crossing The English Channel

Defensive shooting drills are important for midfield and defense players, and this is one of the popular women’s lacrosse drills which can be beneficial for those looking to practice their defensive body positioning, as well as footwork. 
  • Kick things off by marking out a space which comes - 10 yards by 20 yards. 
  • Pair up players, and give one a ball - the other plays a defender, without a stick. 
  • The player in possession of the ball runs through the 20 yard channel, and the defender moves with the carrier, all while maintaining proper footwork and body position, and remaining on one side of the carrier for the entire length of the channel. 
  • This move means that the attacker's movements are forced and dictated by the attacker, who should not be allowed to get more than two steps ahead. 
  • This is brilliant practice for a real life match against a hostile opponent, and allows players to gain confidence and agility, as well as practicing crucial lacrosse defensive strategies.
Shooting With Goalie Work

All players need to make sure they have plenty of practice with shooting accuracy, as well as saving, and this drill is ideal for both offense and goalie players. 
  • Taking place in the attack zone, the objective is to allow attackers to practice their shooting accuracy, while goalies practice saving shots from all angles, and resetting and reacting quickly. 
  • These advance drills allow personal skills to be mastered, as well as placing skillwork into a wider team context. 
  • To play, you will need 5 players and1 goalie, with shooters set up around the 12 meter line, 8 meter line, and behind the cage. 
  • Players 1 and 2 (X1 and X2) start behind the cage, before driving round the goal, faking and shooting. X3 and X4 take a step, and then take a shot between the 12m and 8m. X5 will start on the center hash of the 8m, before faking and shooting. 
  • Players take their shots in order (X1, X3, X2, X4 and X5), and once all 5 shooters have had their turn, reset the drill. 
  • The goalie, meanwhile, must be constantly alert, ready, and working on their position - this is a fast paced drill.
Best Game Ever

Many girls shooting games can be a great way to practice skills which are important in women’s lacrosse matches. 
  • The goal here is to help teach the importance of clearing and defending the fast break, during a constraints based game, and can be used with players of all levels.
  • Start with 4 players on each side, plus a goalie, behind the GLE. Each team clears the ball of the restraining line, and every player must receive a pass. 
  • The first team to reach the restraining line will turn, and go to goal, upon which the other team must drop the ball and immediately defend the break. 
  • The goalie whose team is not on the defense then drops out.
  • To progress, try the drill with or without sticks, and practice using a mini soccer ball to ensure that the focus is primarily on movement and positioning without dropping the pass. 
  • Time and space restraints can also be added to change up the pace, and a scoring system implemented to ensure competition.

Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

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