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Learn how to create a tailor-made workout calendar and gym schedule for your specific body needs. Build a routine you love!
Working out in college isn't always high on the list for busy students, but with our college workout plan, you'll have time to study and stay in shape!
Build muscle and burn calories by working out 3 days a week. Here are our 3-day split workout routines for beginners or advanced trainers!
Maximise your time and get shredded and ripped working out twice a week with our ultimate push-pull workout plan.
The perfect push-pull-legs plan is a fast and efficient way to build full-body muscle mass while training as little as three days every week!
Our ultimate 5-day workout split guide is a hardcore bodybuilding routine that will build muscle, burn calories, and shred fat!
Our ultimate, full-body Bootcamp workout is guaranteed to leave your body aching! If you can handle the pain, then you've got a lot to gain!
Endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility are the four major types of workouts you need for a healthy, well-balanced, and productive training regime.
Build double the strength and endure high-intensity cardio with superset workouts designed to work your muscles to the max! Check out these superset workout examples.
Working out the right muscle groupings in the same session can help you gain strength faster during training circuits.
Improve your strength, fitness, and mental well-being with mat Pilates. Here's why mat Pilates should be part of your regular workout routine!
No cardio training plan or muscle building regime is ever complete without a set of stretches for flexibility!
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